Integrated Learning

Students study about civil rights, environmental issues, welfare and the other aspects of society in both an academic classroom setting as well as the more experimental manners of investigating these issues such as interviewing the citizens of Ikeda, field trips and research. This part of the curriculum is called Ikeda Studies.

The Asia studies, part of the curriculum is divided into five steps; choice of the theme and countries; research into the difference between Japan and the other Asian country incorporating various points of view; presentation of the material; discussion or debate with other students and with people from other Asian countries, and lastly self-evaluation of the project.

The school also conducts a short-stay study abroad program in Australia every summer and hosts Australian students every other year. Additionally, we are involved in an International exchange with a school in England through the means of multimedia. We are promoting collaboration between students and teachers by using various communication mediums such as E-mail, exchanging MIDI files as well as real-time communication called TV-conference. Hopefully experiences such as this will allow our students have the chance not only to understand others but also to reflect upon themselves in terms of their environment, beliefs, thoughts and direction.

We also assist returnee students and students who have cultural backgrounds other than Japanese to share their knowledge and experiences with the general students body so that a broader understanding and respect of the individual is imparted.

We strongly believe that we encourage students to have a global view through “the International Education Programs” as integrated learning mentioned above.